With the end of the drought in California many local land owners are needing to replace their dead trees. Most of California is out of drought conditions (http://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/Home/StateDroughtMonitor.aspx?CA) and with the large snow fall over the 2016-2017 winter, many lakes are at or above capacity. The snow melt over the summer will allow for people to water their lawns, install new sod and replace dead or dying trees.

Here is a map of the current drought conditions for 2017. Keep in mind that that this is just the beginning of summer and if we have another winter like the 2016/2017 winter we may see California completely out of drought conditions in 2018.

In Fremont, many local residents are looking to replace their dead trees. These trees have either been dead or have recently died because of the drought. It may see very bad but over all most trees survived the drought or will come back to life after a few months. Tree in California are used to dry and hot weather as well as drought conditions.

With the large increase in demand for new trees, nurseries are gearing up to start selling large quantities of new trees, pine trees, palm trees and even shrubs or small bushes. Those who had removed their sod and replaced it with artificial turf or lava rock may start thinking of adding some life to their lawns.

Due to the large number of dead trees, tree services like Garcia Amigo Tree Service and many others are in full swing. Some local tree services are booked out for a few months, just for removing dead trees off of properties. Once a tree has been removed it can be replaced with a new one.

Everyone in California seems to be anxious about getting their landscapes back to looking nice. More rain will be a welcoming sight, but hopefully there won’t be damage caused by too much rain. Here’s to hoping for a more normal weather pattern for years to come. In the mean time both Tree Farms and Tree Services will be quite busy.

Who says you can’t help the environment while earning money? With tree farms, you will be able to contribute to the Earth’s oxygen supply while growing trees that will eventually be used for commercial purposes.

While there are many ways to start a tree farm, here are the five essential must-dos to make sure that your tree farming venture will be a success:

Choose the tree you are going to grow

What you are going to plant in the area will have to depend on many things. The first thing that you have to consider is your objective. Are you growing trees to harvest fruits? Are the trees for firewood later on? Will you be using the trees to create various crafts and sculptures? Think of these questions.

Another important thing that should be in your mind is the climate. If you are in a more temperate climate, you may want to grow apples or pears. But if you are in a tropical area, citrus trees may be the better option.

The trees’ accessibility to water, the soil quality and content, and exposure to sunlight are other things that you have to consider in choosing the tree you want to grow.

tree farm

Plan the entire thing

Growing trees may seem like a walk in the park as they have grown on their own for thousands of years. Growing trees for your specific purpose in mind, however, may be a bit more difficult. For example, if you are aiming to earn a living through the trees for their fruits and nuts, you may want to leave a space to build a small holding facility for the fruits and nuts come harvest time. A tree nursing home may also be appropriate, especially if the property is big enough. Other things that may need to be planned is preparing the area for the planting, the setting up of property lines and the equipment that may be needed around the lot.

Get the appropriate papers or licenses

Each state has different guidelines and rules on starting a tree farm. In some cases, the forest service will be tasked to oversee your farm, while giving you tips on proper tree management. They usually certify tree farms as an assurance that the owners were able to undergo what needs to be accomplished.

File to be included in the tax exemption

There are many people who have achieved tax exemption because they are managing a tree farm. However, not everyone is able to do that as tax exemptions are granted based on the size and type of tree farm, and soil quality.

Manage the tree farm well

The first three years of a tree farm are the most crucial parts of its lifetime. This is because this will be the foundation of the growth of the tree. So trimming, watering and other tree maintenance activities may have to be done regularly to ensure that they grow well.

Growing trees in a farm costs low despite slow returns on your investment but they will be worth it eventually as demand is growing.